Where Does Alabama Fall on This Most Attractive States Ranking?

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I am far from shallow but it appears that Americans are overly concerned about looks.  There is a poll provided by Zippia, where it ranks the most attractive states.  In this listing, it also means that states are the bottom are the least attractive.

According to Vice, “researchers have been looking into the effects of attractiveness for decades. The results show that being considered attractive generally means that other people treat you better.”

How did the figure out this listing?  Zippia “ranked each state in categories:”

  • Interest in hair, clothes, and other grooming
  • Obesity rates
  • Percent of residents who are physically active
  • Average Income
  • STD rates

Ok, now I’m nervous.  I believe there is plenty of eye candy in Alabama.  I mean have you not seen the guys that run at Snow Hinton park without their shirts on?  [Seriously, thank you guys] Let’s start with the top ten most attractive states according to the Zippa study. 

  1. New Jersey
  2. Hawaii 
  3. California 
  4. Massachusetts 
  5. New York 
  6. Colorado 
  7. Connecticut 
  8. Rhode Island 
  9. Alaska 
  10. Arizona 

Off top, I notice immediately there are no Southern states on this list.  So where does Alabama rank?  Clutch my pearls, we rank #48!  WHAT?  Our neighboring state of Mississippi comes in at #50, Tennessee comes in at #43, and Georgia comes in at #28.

I demand a recount.

(Source) For more on the Zippia study, click here.  For more from Vice, click here. 

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