The greatest meteorologist in Alabama (and probably the entire United States) called out a popular southern publication on social media last night.

James Spann, Chief Meteorologist at both ABC 33/40 and here at Townsquare Media, took to Facebook last night to express his disdain for a now-deleted article on Southern Living's website.

Why did James have beef with the magazine?

I must admit I am really tiring of the "no warning" lines from the national media. Maybe it is the lack of sleep, but I...

Posted by James Spann on Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The article contained a particularly ridiculous--and patently false--claim about weather coverage before the tornado that devastated Fultondale, Alabama on Monday night. Here's a screenshot of the post.


Wow, right?

There were multiple watches and warnings from the National Weather Service, and every meteorologist in Birmingham was providing wall-to-wall weather coverage Monday night, including James Spann.

I don't know who wrote the Southern Living article, but I have major doubts that this individual is from any place near Alabama. Everyone here a) takes severe weather very seriously and knows to be weather aware and b) depends on James Spann for accurate weather coverage when it counts the most.

Southern Living deleted the article, and James Spann shared his thoughts.

"I am thankful Southern Living pulled down that article. I would love to work with them to help them understand how the warning process works, and how people can be in a position to hear warnings on a night like Monday night," he said.

Here's hoping the author of the ridiculous article gets in touch with James Spann to understand how hard he and other meteorologists work to keep us safe during storms.

Don't forget to download our station app. When we have a tornado warning, we air live wall-to-wall coverage from James Spann and the ABC 33/40 Weather Crew. With spring severe weather coming soon; it's another way you can keep your family safe.

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