The culture and traditions of Black Greek Letter Organizations are sacred. It's common for members of the NPHC to protect its integrity and values. Even if it means checking a celebrity?

Over the years, it seems like there has been more light shed on Historically Black Colleges & Universities. Nationwide, there are over 100 HBCU's. It's 107 HBCU's across the U.S to be exact. The state of Alabama has the most number of HBCU's than any other state with 15 total, two of which are in Tuscaloosa.

Stillman College

Shelton State Community College

According to the United Negro College Fund, Alabama's HBCU's produce:

  • 15,062 Jobs
  • $12.5 Billion Lifetime Earnings
  • $1.5 Billion Total Economic Impact 


One thing that you're almost sure to find on HBCU campuses is greek organizations. As a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc, I can tell you that BGLO's do not play about their organizations. We're quick to check anyone who disrespects us, our purpose, or our traditions.

Every organization has its own hand sign and only members of the organization are to throw the sign up.






Celebrities are part of these organizations as well. Some are even made honorary members like Robin Roberts, and Lisa Leslie.


What do greeks do when celebrities who arent part of their organization throw up their sign? A member of my fraternity met rapper Rick Ross and stopped him from throwing our sign. While I'm happy he stopped him, I was still shocked to see it happen.


My question is: Would any Tuscaloosa greeks stop a celebrity like this or just let them do it? Let me know in the chat feature of our app.

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