You Can Help Us Recognize Black History Makers In Alabama

Black History Month is right around the corner, and we're doing our part to recognize history-makers in Alabama.

February is always a great month for me. Not only is it my birthday month(shout out to the Aquarius gang), but it's Black History Month.

As a new father, this year it hits harder for me. I want to make sure my son knows about the history of what black people have done around the world. This year we also get to learn about black history makers in the state of Alabama.

We all know that the state of Alabama is home to some of the most important moments in not just Black history, but American history. Whenever you mention things like the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the Freedom Rides, The Tuskeegee Airmen, or even people like Rosa Parks, John Lewis Alabama comes to mind.

We know about the important figures in Alabama's past, but we need your help in recognizing the people who are making Black History in Alabama today.

Do you know someone who is positively effecting our Alabama communities? Someone dedicated to shaping a positive future for Alabama through public service, politics, or even entertainment? I know I can think of a few I've already met in my short time here in Alabama. We'd love to highlight them during Black History Month. You could nominate yourself or someone else!

Fill out this form to nominate someone as a Black History Maker of Alabama.

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