School is officially back in session in West Alabama and students are arriving at school ready to have fun, meet new friends, and enjoy nutritious foods.

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I can remember school lunch back in my day and tell you it wasn't the best thing in the world. Of course, we made do with what we had, but there were no five-star meals.

Back in school, some of my all-time favorites were those famous chocolate chip cookies and strawberry milk.

When it comes to actual food items that we had for a meal, who could forget the famous rectangle pizzas?!

Now that school is back in session, there seems to be a newfound pride in schools having the best meals for students. Pictures are popping u[ all over social media featuring "the first day of school lunches."

I came across a post by Dublin City Schools in Georgia and I have to admit, their school lunches looked great.

Chicken wings, turnip greens, a ranch-flavored potato, a roll, and milk.

What really set it off for me was the fruit option. It wasn't just diced peaches or pineapples.

They gave the students a Kiwi and strawberry cup!


I was ready to declare Georgia the winner of great school lunches already but minutes later, another post came across my timeline. The Facebook algorithm was trying to tell me something because this Alabama school answered with some heat!

Hale County Middle School posted their first day of school meals and it took the cake!

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