Alabama Is The 2nd Worst State For Women In The Nation

This is definitely not the most exciting news to kick off Women's History Month. It's official. Alabama is statistically not the best state for women.

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I woke up this morning and was ready to start off a new month with some new habits. I checked the Golden Globe winners, listened to the rain hit my window outside, and found the news that the state of Alabama is the 2nd worst state for women in 2021! Wow!

My friends over at Wallet Hub found some interesting statistics on women in the United States. Even with all of the progress that has been made thus far, women across the country are still not being treated ideally. According to Wallet Hub, women represent nearly two-thirds of all minimum-wage workers in the nation. Also, since the COVID-19 pandemic, women have lost their jobs at greater rates than men. Wallet Hub recently determined which states in the nation are best for women by looking at data from median earnings for female workers to women’s preventive health care to the female homicide rate. 

The results showed that the best state in the U.S for women is Minnesota. The worst state for women turned out to be Mississippi, with the state of Alabama coming in at the 2nd worst state.

Out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia, the state of Alabama ranked 49th in Women’s Economic & Social Well-Being, and 47th in Women’s Health & Safety.

This is all shocking information to hear about. My question to you is what can we do in Alabama to make it statistically better for women?  to see the full results of Wallet Hub's study, click here.

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