The state of Alabama is known for having a lot of locations for a few types of stores.

At the top of the list is Dollar General for sure.

It seems like you can go to almost any corner across the state and find a Dollar General store.

According to Forbes, Dollar General has become the biggest US retailer by the number of outlets. Forbes stated that Dollar General's 18,000-plus locations are more than McDonald's. Starbucks, or CVS, puts it within five miles of 75% of the population.

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Another store you can see almost anywhere in Alabam is Piggly Wiggly.

A few years ago when I first moved to Alabama, I didn't realize just how seriously the state took holidays.

I forgot to go shopping for groceries to cook for Christmas dinner and ended up at one of the only places open on Christmas Day.

It just so happened to be Waffle House.

I had no shortage of options for locations because there are plenty in West Alabama.

According to Vinepair, Waffle House has more than 2,100 restaurants in 25 states, with typical annual revenues exceeding $1.3 billion.

It feels like half of those locations are in Alabama alone!

Vinepair posted a map of Waffle House locations across the united states and Alabama has a lot of locations as suspected.

The state of Georgia had the most locations with 433.

Florida was up next with 185 locations followed by North Carolina with 183.

Where does Alabama rank on this map? Alabama has the 5th most Waffle House locations in the country.

We have 153 locations ahead of Tennessee's 134 and behind South Carolina's 171.

Could you have guessed Alabama had that many Waffle House locations?

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