This product is not only being recalled from Alabama Walmart stores, it is also being recalled from stores all over North America in late March 2022.

This might be my favorite food product of all-time.

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I know I am not alone here.

One of these items, I can make a meal out of with just something to dip them in.

The salt and crunch is just perfect. Yet, Walmart stores all over America are recalling them off store shelves.

More on that in a moment. First, this product, a breakfast staple is the biggest recall for Walmart at the moment.

Here are the details on the pancake/waffle mix recall.

So be aware of that recall, plus this one, which has been long-running throughout March. It has involved some stores in the Southeast and Alabama.

Here's the details on the product recall of, wait for it....


Do not mess with my chips & salsa.

The single best snack on the planet. Or at least one of the top 5 snacks of all time.

It's bad enough that we have lists at cash registers telling us how many packs of certain products we can buy.

When will this product shortage madness end?

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