Alabama Creatives: Here's A Way For You to Get More Exposure

There is no doubt a lot of talent here in Alabama. Could the next big rapper, photographer or singer be here?

In my short time in Alabama, I've found that there are a lot of independent artists in the state. So many people are chasing their dreams of being in the music industry and are looking for ways to get more exposure.

Let's face it, it's going to be really hard to "blow up" in the music industry if people don't know who you are or your music.

105.1 The Block has always looked out for artists in the state of Alabama. We started Alabama's Own, which is exclusively for artists from the state of Alabama. We listen to your music and you have the chance to have your song played on our station.

Aside from trying to get your song heard on the radio, you can always meet new people and introduce them to your art. That's exactly what you have the chance to do every Thursday!

A group of people in Alabama have gathered with the objective of helping creatives in Alabama connect with each other and network. It's done by hosting a weekly room on Clubhouse. This is a great way for creatives to meet new people, build new relationships and expose others to their work. This room isn't to get an artist's song on the radio. We have Alabama's Own for that. But this room does help people find out about you and what you do.

Sound like something that interests you? Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Clubhouse @BigDawgDreDay to be invited to this weekly Clubhouse room.

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