Meet Marques Relf from Hurtsboro, Alabama -- a small town in between the better known Phenix City, Tuskeegee and Auburn.

Better known as Alabama's own Quez Dawg, an up-and-coming rapper, describes it as a small town with not much to do and a place where trouble is easily found.

When asked if anything makes Hurtsboro special, he had a simple answer.

"Me," Relf replied.

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Relf is a lyrical freestlyer and said rapping has always been apart of his life.

"I really started rapping in the second grade," he said.

But Relf said before he became Quez Dawg and started trying to make a living as a creator, he first pursued a degree in Management Information Systems at the University of Alabama, but ultimately decided the college life wasn't for him.

He moved back home and was preparing to take the ASVAB and join the Air Force when a good friend called him one day and asked him to move in with him and give making a career out of music a try for one year.

"So I moved with him in December of 2019, I dropped my first song in March of 2020," Relf said. "My first song just recently hit 20,000 streams on Apple Music."

The freestyler is very proud of the fact that he writes his own rhymes but he says his producer play a huge role as well. He would like to give credit to Dkeezy, Tekkiisue, and Hotbox Studios.

Quez Dawg was been booked for shows for every weekend in November, including performances at Club Dream in Opelika, the Sound Factory in Columbus, Georgia and HQ Live in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find the up-and-coming artist on YouTube through the videos embedded above. He can also be found on Instagram and Twitter @QuezDawg.

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