We are approaching the second anniversary of a moment that will forever live in the hearts and minds of any and all true Tuscaloosans: the anniversary of the longest boi to ever slither through the Druid City, the true yellow fellow, the one the only--the Alberta Python.

Let me set the stage for y'all: it was summer 2019. The asphalt was hotter than Lane Kiffin in an officially licensed Alabama polo shirt. Skies were clear, and Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip "the OG" Tyner alerted his constituents to the reptillian ruckus that would soon overwhelm the entire city:

Someone had spotted a python on the streets of Alberta.

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This, my friends, wasn't any python. Ol' boy was YELLOW and FIFTEEN FEET LONG and his initial sighting was enough to induce panic on the streets of Alberta. Everybody was looking for this bad boy--all the way from Summer Snow to the Winn-Dixie at Five Points.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department even caught a poseur python, but no one was ever able to catch the yella fella that captured our collective hearts.

Do y'all ever wonder what happened to the Alberta Python? What was his (or her) real name? (I'd like to think it was something plain like Gerald.) Is Gerald safe and well or has be been turned into a pair of boots for a good ol' boy in Gordo?

Honestly, I'd like to think that Kip Tyner was able to wrangle up Gerald and now the two of them are chilling in some cool underground lair.

Have you spotted the Alberta Python? Message us on the station app and let us know!

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