Pharrell & Jay-Z released a new song called Entrepreneur and I can't listen to the song enough. It's everything I didn't know I needed.

The song features lyrics directly speaking on racial inequality, systemic disadvantages, and the struggle for people of color to succeed in America. Pharrell is whispering through all of his verses on this song and its genius! The first words of the song are:

I am black ambition
I am always whisperin'
They keep tellin' me I will not
But my will won't listen
Gravity on a black man
With everything on his back and
His family and passion
If the doors ain't crackin' 

Literally dropped my jaw when I heard those first words. To me, those words really embody what it feels like to be black in America while trying to succeed. Pharrell continues to speak to the souls of black people in America in the song as he talks about how the system imprisons young black boys, and how we're in these positions with no choice at all.

I respect Pharrell for addressing these issues and telling the unfiltered truths about the struggle for black people trying to succeed in America. It means a lot coming from a man such as Pharrell who is viewed as successful by not just his own community, but other communities as well. A lot of times when black people are successful or rich, I hear the argument "Well they did it why can't you do it?" Pharrell is telling in this song why maybe the other person didn't "do it."

We shouldn't have to feel belittled by society, battle systemic disadvantages, fight to not end up in a prison system that seems to be set up for of color, just to get to the starting line for the race. Many times that's what it feels like. We have to do so much work just to have a chance in the race when other people in America are literally born “at the starting line” without having to jump through the hoops and fight the challenges people of color have to fight.


Jay-Z did not disappoint with his verse of course. Name-dropping Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and a black-owned soda company Crip-A-Cola.

The video is amazing and shows people of color all over the world that are successful entrepreneurs. I think it’s meant to bring awareness to the struggle of people of color and also encourage us that we and do it even with all of the obstacles we have in our way.

Salute to Pharrell & Jay-Z for this song and video! Make sure you’re listening to 105.1 The Block from 2p-7p because I’ll be dropping this new song every hour!


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