The joys of parenthood include the nerve-wracking task of teaching your teen how to drive. Listen, my mother was so worked up after I hit a garbage can at the local park she gave up on teaching me. My best friend’s mother got the role.

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My Dad taught me how to drive too. Also, I enrolled in the summer school class, driver's ed. I only did it so we could get a discount on car insurance. I passed with flying colors. According to Life Hacker, “prepping in advance” is vital in teaching teenagers how to drive.

My Dad was a mechanic, so I somewhat knew the basic operation of a car. State Farm provides a whole “Teen Driving 101” help guide to assist you in your parental duty. State Farm suggests the following:

Rules of the road refresher

Start with a tour of the vehicle

Get a feel for the vehicle

Start in low-speed, low-traffic areas

Beginner skills checklist

Driving on the highway

Advanced skills checklist

Advanced challenges

In helping a friend teach their daughter how to drive. I found that these are the best places in Tuscaloosa to teach your teenage how to drive. Let me know if you have some others spots to recommend.

Places in Tuscaloosa to Learn to Drive

(Source) Click here for more from Life Hacker. Click here for more from State Farm.

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