Who would've ever thought this to be true?

Alabama has some of the nation's best drivers?! Can't Be.

I've seen my fair share of horrible drivers in Alabama. Sometimes I think people don't even know what  turn signal is in this state.

Car crash in urban street with black car

One time I saw a car come pretty close to taking out a motorcycle rider who was clearly not doing anything wrong.

The driver almost ran right into the motorcycle and didn't even think twice about it.

Red light runners? They're all through Alabama.


I cannot count how many times I've almost gotten hit by horrible drivers all because they decided to run a red light in Alabama.

Knowing all of this, it's hard to me to believe that Alabama has some of the best drivers in the United States.

According to Quote Wizard, it's true.

Quote Wizard analyzed over 10 million insurance quotes so they could find out which states have the worst drivers in the United States and which have the best.

The state with the worst driving rank was Utah. The state with the best driving rand was Connecticut.

Where did Alabama rank? You'll be shocked.

Shocked and surprised boy on the internet with laptop computer

The state of Alabama had the 23rd best drivers in the United States according to this study. We were ranked just above Texas and Missouri and right below Nevada and Maryland.

It's hard for me to belive we're part of the best driving class but the numbers don't lie.

Check out the full results of this study by clicking here to visit Quote Wizard. 





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