It's almost time for the holiday season. This means scams are popping up everywhere.

A new scam going around in Hale County solicits money from people in the name of the Hale County Sherrif's Office and they're potentially scamming people out of close to $1,000.

Letters are showing up around Hale County from citizens claiming to have received them asking for money. The letters ask for financial support for a special program involving the National Child Safety Council. This scam asks people to choose a sponsorship level for the program in which different amounts will help a different number of children.

25 children- $75

35 children- $75

50 children- $105

75 children- $225

100 children- $300

150 children- $450

200 children- $600

300 children- $900

500 children- $1500


It seems like they've spent a lot of time trying to make this scam look as official as possible. The letter going around even had a "signature" from sheriff Kenneth W. Ellis. In a Facebook post, the Hale County Sheriff's Office made the public aware of the scam.

"We have received some reports citizens are receiving the letter pictured below. These letters are soliciting money on behalf of the Sheriff’s Office for a public safety program. The Hale County Sheriff’s Office IS NOT soliciting money for this or any other program, this is a scam. While we appreciate citizens wanting to help us WE DO NOT solicit your money for special programs."



Hopefully, no one has fell victim to this scam in Hale County. Do you know anyone who has received one of these scam letters? If so, let us know inside the chat feature of our free app.


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