Have you ever heard of the One Chip Challenge? It's been sweeping the nation for quite some time now.

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If you like spicy foods, you've probably heard of the Carolina Reaper pepper. It's 200x hotter than a jalapeno pepper and is considered to be the hottest pepper in the world!


According to Food & Wine, back in 2016 Paqui released one chip spiced with Carolina reaper peppers. With viral challenges taking over the internet like the mannequin challenge, people couldn't help but start the one-chip challenge. 5 years later, the spicy challenge has resurfaced!


Yes, in 2021, people are still trying a chip made with the world's hottest pepper!

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There have even been people taking the one-chip challenge to school.

Of course, you'd think only students would be trying this ridiculous trend. Faculty and staff members at schools have even joined in.

Well, now it seems that the famous one-chip challenge has hit schools in Tuscaloosa. A recent Facebook post warned Tuscaloosa parents of the challenge. According to the post, a few Sipsey Valley Middle School students needed medical attention after trying the challenge.

"WARNING! Parents/grandparents please WARN your children not to take the Carolina Reaper Chip challenge or any challenge that involves putting something in your mouth. Ask the five boys from Sipsey Valley Middle School who required medical treatment."


I have to admit, the challenge looks like fun but needing medical attention is kinds of scary. With children, we don't know how they'll react to certain foods so I'd personally steer my kids away from this challenge as well. But adults are free reign.

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