While it seems that COVID-19 numbers are steadily climbing in the United States, there are some populations that seem to be less affected: rural counties!

Reports suggest that more than a third of counties across the U.S. still haven’t reported a positive test result for infection across what are predominantly poor, rural areas. Source.

Why could this be?

Well, for starters, those in rural areas have very limited contact with others; and travel isn’t a luxury many in such areas can afford. Therefore, the likelihood of exposure is significantly smaller.

Add to that the fact that most public spaces close before midnight and open hours later, if an infected person carried the virus to a public place, the possibility of the virus being active by the time another person makes contact is slim.

Then of course, with limited public transportation (as said to be the difference between the infection rate in Los Angeles vs New York City), many people aren’t enclosed in small spaces with others for extended periods of time.

While there certainly are conveniences of urban living, aspects of rural areas that may have been seen as inconveniences may actually have numerous benefits.

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