Many across the state expressed outrage at the decision to reopen the economy amid the coronavirus outbreak, citing that the rate of infection would spike.

While numbers haven’t grown exponentially, the Associated Press reports that virus numbers are still increasing in Alabama. Source.

Lifting restrictions on some businesses does not remove the responsibility of social distancing and taking necessary precautions. To prevent contraction of the virus, be sure to wear masks with filters and gloves when leaving your home.  If you don’t have gloves, use hand sanitizer, regularly wash your hands, and be sure to sanitize continuously touched hard surfaces like door knobs, computer keyboards, etc.

Remember “safer at home” is still in progress. So, though some businesses are now open, it is still advised to remain home if possible.  Most medical professionals, including Dr. Keisha Lowther of Generations Primary Care, encourage staying at home.

One of the biggest fallacies that is hurting the fight against COVID-19 is that one is healthy enough to fight it if infected.  This may be true, but the healthy person who is less affected by the virus could be a carrier and infect a person who isn't as healthy. THIS is why social distancing and personal protective equipment are so important. The concern is preventing the spreading of your germs as much as it is you picking up someone else's.

If you're the perfect vision of health, great! Keep that strength and do what's necessary to prevent others from fighting an unnecessary battle.

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