Anyone who's sought protective gear (masks, gloves, etc.) knows how difficult it is to come by such items.  Stores are short on supply, and when shipments arrive, they don't last long on the shelves.  Even medical supply is limited.

But DCH Health System has expressed a need for volunteers to assemble surgical masks to be made from a special fabric.  If you are a seamstress who is willing to assist, click here for more information or call June Murray at 205-759-7996.

Some area residents have already begun putting their skills to work to assist in protecting some populations.

Sharon Bradford, who is known for some of her fabulous creations, recently took on the task of providing equipment to a special group of nurses.

Though not necessarily for the medical community, Lady Shonetay Gardner is also putting her skill to use for those in need.

Thanks to all of our first responders, medical personnel, and everyone else who is putting him- or herself on the line to assist in the treatment of COVID-19 patients as well as keeping contamination at a minimum.

And a huge thanks to those who are doing what you can to help beyond the call of duty!  Community support is amazing and welcome by those who are literally putting their lives on the line!

If you know of someone who is already making protective gear or if you know of someone who CAN, please share this!

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