DCH Regional Medical Center has introduced a new shuttle service. designed to improve the experience for patients, visitors, and staff amid ongoing construction.

(Photo Provided by Skip Baumhower)
(Photo Provided by Skip Baumhower)

The hospital's parking has been disrupted due to the construction of a new parking deck, making it challenging to find convenient spots. To address this, DCH is launched a fleet of shuttles that will transport individuals from distant parking lots to the hospital entrances. These shuttles, wrapped to look like ladybugs and bumblebees, have been nicknamed “shuttle bugs.”

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Mallary Myers, chief operating officer for the DCH Health System, shared her enthusiasm: “The shuttles are a way to further enhance the DCH experience for our patients, visitors, and employees. The shuttle service will ease the walking burden and make DCH services even more accessible.”


The six-passenger shuttles will run routes covering all parking lots on the Regional Medical Center campus. They will stop at key locations, including the north and south hospital entrances, the Outpatient Center lobby entrance, and Manderson Cancer Center.

These "shubttlebugs" will provide a much-needed solution to parking challenges. This initiative was made possible through generous donations to the DCH Foundation.

The charming shuttle bugs are set to transform the daily routine at DCH, offering a convenient and delightful way to navigate the campus during construction.

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