Dr. K To Address Mental Health & Non-Violence In Alabama

It's no secret that mental health is a major topic of conversation these days. Violence in the community is as well and this event aims to address both topics.

As a new father, life has changed for me a lot. I've always wanted been one to plan for the future, but lately, I've really been trying to help others do the same. When we all think ahead, it helps the community overall and not just individuals. Major shoutout to the Dr, K Show for their upcoming community event that will no doubt help shape the community for the better in the future.

Friday, March 19th, 2021, the Dr. K Show will host a free event called "Futures Without Violence." The goal is to push the idea of unity within our communities and stopping violence. This is event is set to begin at 10:30a and end at 2p at 2304 12th Avenue N, Birmingham AL 34234.


Dr. K expressed her excitement ahead of this amazing community event,

”I am so excited to have this opportunity to partner up with so many amazing people and to bring awareness to our communities! Crime reduction is the goal and I believe it starts with mental health. People deserve insight on how to help themselves, as well as others. This is just something to spark that momentum. And WE hope people come out and take advantage of these opportunities!”


In an official press release, it's stated that District attorneys and members of law enforcement are among those who will be in attendance. There will even be free COVID-19 testing and a food giveaway at this event. This is truly an event for the community!

If you need more information on the "Futures Without Violence" event, visit The Dr.K show on Facebook and Instagram.

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