Within the last few years, mental health has been something that Americans have been taking more seriously than in the past.


Even TikTok videos are being made that reveal movies and television shows depicting mental illness.

"We all have a role to play in ending the stigma around mental health issues.  It starts by showing compassion, so everyone feels free to ask for help," said President Joe Biden.

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"If someone you know is going through a tough time, tell them you are there for them.  We are all in this together."

Those were the words from President Joe Biden as he recently proclaimed that May would be Mental Health Month in America. 

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Tero Vesalainen

Best Life Online ranked data from the 200 largest cities in the nation to determine the saddest cities.

They used data that included divorce and unemployment rates, poor mental health days, and more.

Best Life Online ended up ranking the 50 most saddest cities in the country and multiple Alabama cities made the list.


The city of Montgomery barely made the top 50 of this list. In fact, it was listed as number 50 with a 12.5% divorce rate and an overall "Misery score" of 70.4.

Unemployment Rate: 9.20%
Divorce Rate: 12.5%
Three-Year Change in Earnings Per Individual: 5.51%
Well-Being Index Score: 59.80
Poor Mental Health Days: 4.50
Misery Score:  70.4


This city seems more sad than Montgomery coming in at number 25. their "Misery score" was 74.6.

Unemployment Rate: 10.60%
Divorce Rate: 13.2%
Three-Year Change in Earnings Per Individual: -1.14%
Well-Being Index Score: 61.60
Poor Mental Health Days: 4.50
Misery Score: 74.6


The saddest city in the state of Alabama according to Best Life Online is Birmingham. coming in at number 6 out of 50, Birmingham's "Misery Score" is an 81.

Unemployment Rate: 13.30%
Divorce Rate: 15.2%
Three-Year Change in Earnings Per Individual: -0.28%
Well-Being Index Score: 62.00
Poor Mental Health Days: 4.00
Misery Score: 81

You can get more details on the complete list and this study by visiting Best Life Online. 

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