Free Rides For Stillman College Students

One of the biggest hurdles in college is not having a car to go places. Hitting up the biggest party, the park, or just a trip to the grocery store are so much harder without a vehicle. Luckily, Stillman College students have a service that offers rides for students.

Two days a week Stillman College students can get rides to Walmart, the Midtown Village, and the University Mall. I think it's really coo that students have this opportunity to get a ride to buy essential things while living on campus. Students can also do some leisurely shopping in the midtown village and the mall as well. The best part is that this shuttle service is completely free form students! Students must present their valid student I.D. and have a mask to utilize this free shuttle service.

The student shuttle will make trips to Walmart on Wednesdays. The trip to the Midtown Village and the University Mall will happen on Saturdays. Any students down for some weekend shopping? The Pickup location is on Greek Row at 4:50 pm and will depart at 5 pm. The shuttle will return to campus at 8 pm.

Back in my college days, we had a guy in town with a van who offered trips to students and he was infamously known as "The Pierre Shuttle." He'd give you a ride wherever you needed to go to town and he stayed making money from the students! It's because so many people needed to go to the store or shopping.

I know he came in clutch for so many of my peers and I'm sure this shuttle service offered by Stillman College will be the same for a student here in Tuscaloosa.

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