*The child in the photo is not the child in this story

I realize that sounds harsh. Limiting it to just the Tuscaloosa area may not be right.

It's a fair question. Is there a kid worse than this in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? Or Alabama period?

This is something I have gotten tired of dealing with as a boyfriend.

I do not want to go hang out at her house because I am subjected to this child screaming all night.

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We have been thrown out of multiple places because her 8-year-old child caused such a scene.

We had dated for 2 years. I couldn't take being around this child.

Sorry, it's true.

I will offer proof and/or evidence of my conclusion.

What you are about to hear will prove my point.

It is an exchange that I recorded on my phone. You see, we attempted to have a nice relaxing dinner until this child began throwing a scream fit over a pizza he had demanded.

I have modified the voices, slightly, to protect their privacy.

So, here goes. I'm just curious moms, what would you do if this was your child?


I still have trouble even listening to that child screaming AGAIN. It gives me chills.

Something has happened in the past to teach this child the wrong lessons. The parents are mostly responsible in my view.

I'm not trying to critique the mother involved, BUT THAT WOULD NOT BE THE WAY I WOULD HAVE DEALT WITH THIS CHILD. 

I would only need a minute or two to handle this behavior. Sorry, but no "child" that's smaller than me will talk to me that way.

What do you think? What in the world is going on here?

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