Spare the rod?

I'm sure you know the rest of this one.

In 2022, this topic is heating up again due to a Northwest Alabama elementary school.

A Lawrence County school principal has been placed on leave after allegations of abuse.

Datie Priest is the principal who joined Hazelwood Elementary School back in 2020. She is accused, in a report from earlier this Spring, of "excessive paddling" of a student.

That's a new one on me. "Excessive paddling" is something I have never heard in my lifetime.

If it's true, of course it's wrong.

However, is this the worst problem our kids are dealing with?

It seems to me, a little "corporal punishment" might be a good thing in 2022.

Especially after seeing another shooting at Hay Court Apartments in Tuscaloosa. Typically, these shootings involve youths. So, is paddling kids such a bad idea?

This case led to the Superintendent placing the principal on "detached duty",. whatever that is.

The students were third graders and reportedly it was over ten licks applied to the students.

That sounds like it was a little much, I agree. That doesn't mean we need to throw all "paddling" out with one case that was over the line.

We truly have lost all common sense in this country and in Alabama for that matter.

I was paddled throughout my years in elementary school and it did nothing to mess up my delicate psyche.

What do you say? Should we paddle kids in Alabama? Weigh in below by tapping the app!

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