The Million Dollar Band is New York City for Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time in their history. Two parts of the organization have already taken to performing, this time on the big stage.

The Million Dollar Band Colorguard and Crimsonettes were given the honor to open for the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall Tuesday. According to MDBCG choreographer and instructor Brandy Keeton, this was the first time visual ensembles were invited to perform.

Speaking on seeing her students perform, Keeton was nothing short of proud.

"It was absolutely amazing to see them in their gorgeous uniforms created by Sheryl Wilds performing in a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity," Keeton continued: " The students were stunning in their performances and are incredible representatives for The Million Dollar Band and The University of Alabama."

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April Henderson, choreographer and instructor for the Crimsonettes also shared her amazement at seeing her students on the stage:

"We were just so excited and awestruck honestly, that we had the opportunity to perform on the Radio City stage. The Rockettes are an NYC icon and to be able to perform before their show was unbelievable."

Henderson also noted her students' reaction to performing: "A few of my girls were in tears coming off the stage. We are just so grateful for the opportunity. An experience we will never forget and they will tell their children and grandchildren about."

As for the parade, both Keeton and Henderson can't wait for the group to lead Santa into Harold Square.

Keeton remarked: "We are all extremely excited about the parade. It is going to be yet another amazing experience for all of the students."

Henderson noted how she wanted to see the parade in person as a dream of hers and that, "...they not only get to march in the parade, they also get to bring Santa into Herald Square! What?!? What an incredible opportunity for us and the entire MDB!"

For those wanting to see both performances, here are the groups:

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