I'll never forget my first experience at the Blue Plate. It was actually earlier this year, and I had my life changed!

There are so many restaurants that are here in Alabama that I'm not used to seeing back home in Florida. Taco Casa, Archibald's, Taco Mama, Jack's, and the famous Blue Plate.

This Northport gem has new hours on the weekends. They posted on their Facebook page that they will be closed on Saturdays starting in May.

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"This will give our dedicated employees that have been faithful in working long hours the opportunity to have a set day off each week. Thank you for your understanding. And we look forward to seeing you soon!"

I can't lie, when I read the post I almost got emotional. People don't understand how much work goes into working in customer service jobs. The feeling of "management doesn't care about us" makes it worse.

I've been there before at certain jobs. I love the fact that this business cares enough about its employees to close so they have a break.

I'm now a father and I value the weekends a lot more because it's when I spend the most time with my son. There are people who have been working nonstop to make ends meet and they would love to have a day off. I'm sure this small gesture means a lot to Blue Plate's employees.

With the new hours, I'll have to make sure not to have my cravings for their gizzards or sweet tea on Saturdays. Lol!

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