A wonderful group of folks from SWJ Technology in Tuscaloosa wrote a great message on some packages of diapers heading to Kentucky.

Photo: Mary K/Townsquare Media
Photo: Mary K/Townsquare Media
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Five FULL trailers of water, hygiene products, food, blankets and, perhaps the best of all, Christmas gifts.

Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon quickly sprung into action upon seeing the news coverage videos and photos of the buildings that were leveled in Kentucky.

He contacted us, Townsquare Media of Tuscaloosa, with eight radio stations and The Tuscaloosa Thread, inviting us to get involved.

So many of you heard about the relief drive and came out with cars, trucks and suv's loaded up with products and presents in Kentucky.

Amazingly, Mayor Herndon spoke with one of the people in Kentucky directing our goods to a church in Clinton, Kentucky.

In a twist, some of the folks at the church had driven HERE in 2011 to help US during the aftermath of destruction from the tornado that struck Tuscaloosa.

Those people never imagined that ten years later, we would be coming to help them.

How incredible is that? What a lesson for all of us here at Christmastime.

Here's another update video we recorded on Friday afternoon during the last few hours of the relief effort.


@ikedaniel7Great job everyone who donated!♬ original sound - Dallas

Another update from Northport Mayor Bobby Herndon after arriving in Kentucky yesterday afternoon.

This was such a wonderful moment for all of us living in Northport, Tuscaloosa and other cities in the region. Thank you all for giving so generously.

You never know how this will come back and be repaid five or ten years from today.

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