The Tuscaloosa County Park & Recreation Authority (PARA) invites families to celebrate Father’s Day with a special event, "Reel It In with Dad," offering free fishing at Van De Graaff Park on June 15th and 16th. This unique event promises a weekend of family fun while contributing to local conservation efforts.

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Event Details:

  • Dates: June 15th and 16th
  • Location: Van De Graaff Park
  • Time: All day
  • Cost: Free (regular daily fishing rate is $5)

Fishing Guidelines: Recent surveys by the Alabama Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have shown that the ponds at Van De Graaff Park are overpopulated. To help maintain a healthy ecosystem, PARA encourages participants to catch and keep all Crappies, Brim, Gar, Suckerfish, and Carp. To support the Bass population, all Bass must be released after being caught.


Why Participate?

  • Family Bonding: Enjoy quality time with dad in the great outdoors.
  • Conservation Efforts: Help manage and improve the fish population in the ponds.
  • Variety of Locations: Choose from three ponds, including the largest one fed by the Black Warrior River.
  • Easy Access: Convenient access to all ponds, thanks to the park opening to vehicular traffic in Fall 2023.

“We’re thrilled to offer this event for families to come together and enjoy fishing while also contributing to the health of our ponds,” said Brian Davis, PARA’s Chief Executive Officer. “It’s a win-win for both our community and the environment.”

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Additional Information:

  • Fishing licenses are required as per Alabama state regulations.
  • Bring your own fishing gear.
  • Special gift for the first 50 patrons!
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Join us at Van De Graaff Park on June 15th and 16th for a memorable Father’s Day weekend. Whether you’re an experienced angler or trying fishing for the first time, this event is a perfect opportunity to connect with nature and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

For more information, please visit PARA's website or contact our office at (205) 562-3220.

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