For some reason summer makes me think of going fishing. Do you know the best fishing spots in Alabama?

Let me first off just admit, that I'm no expert fisherman. I'm in between beginner and whatever the next half-level would be. Lol!

I remember fishing trips with my older brother and father back home in Florida. I honestly never wanted to be there. Being patient wasn't my thing, I wanted the action. The only fishing trips I enjoyed were when I'd get back-to-back bites on the line. I never really learned how to properly take the hook out of the fish's mouth. I never learned how to properly bait the hook or even the best reeling techniques. I just wanted to throw the line in the water as far as it could go, and get the thrill of reeling in a big fish!

With me being the youngest, and my older brother being the expert fisherman, I never really had to learn those things. The downside is that I grew up wanting to go fishing and now I don't really have those expert skills I could've been learning all along.

Now that I live in Alabama, I'm wondering where people go to catch fish. My wife loves fresh fish, and back home I'd just go fishing or just get some from my brother. Another issue is that I have no idea where the hotspots are in the state or even in West Alabama. Bass, catfish, crappie, where do I find them?

If you're a fisherman or know someone who loves to fish, have them tell me where the best fishing spots are. I'd love to work on my skills one of these days this summer.

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