It's not every day that you hear about a story like this.

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Authorities in Daphne, Alabama have confirmed that a man fishing located what seemed to be a tackle box in the sand at May Day Park.


According to WKRG, Alan Nabors who found the box said:

“I was walking down the pier and I got my pole and all see a blue box and was like okay free tackle box."

When he found the box and opened it, he shut it and called the police.

After the box arrived at police headquarters, WKRG says that a spokesperson named Heather DeAngelo had this to say about the contents of the box.

“It had an urn, a baby blue urn, that we are assuming may hold ashes of a baby boy,” said DeAngelo. “There were some homemade items in there; blanket and mittens, some clay hand and footprints and there was a hospital bracelet in there from a hospital in Memphis.”

Although there is no telling how long the box had been at May Day Park, it was clear that this was a bereavement box.

It's not uncommon for families to spread ashes in bodies of water or leave special items in a box with ashes after someone has passed.

After this story initially got out, WKRG says the family has come forward to claim the box.

WKRG says that "Police said she held onto the bereavement box for more than five years and was trying to say goodbye."

The family has requested privacy in this matter and their names will not be released at this time.

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