Social media has changed how we communicate with each other. The internet has closed the gaps between your average person and celebrities, with your favorite rapper being a few keystrokes away if they care to engage. While the ability to talk to the artists you support whenever you want can either be great or awful, it's still something that further humanizes these rappers, especially when fans tend to forget rappers are people too.

When hip-hop's loyal supporters aren't being rude or trying to troll artists, there are light-hearted conversations that take place, and can be the kind of moments that show why an artist is so well-liked. Below, XXL highlights some nice convos between artists and fans, and the positives behind chatting with your favorite rapper that lead to news breaking about a song collaboration between two artists that no one ever knew existed or that a rapper's next album is finally finished.

A fan randomly asking DaBaby, who is racking up quite the long feature list, if he's going to collaborate with Justin Bieber, got an answer and then some. Last October, DaBaby responded to a fan that he has "like 5 of em," info that wasn't previously known before he let off that tweet. For a rapper who doesn't give a lot of lead time on his next move, getting this kind of scoop is huge for a fan, who probably didn't even expect to get that kind of response.

In a similar fashion, Tyler, The Creator replied to a fan who asked about a longer version of the video for his song "I Think." The Odd Future frontman shared that he was going to drop another scene from the video at random, sharing exclusive info that his fanbase certainly wanted to know at the time.

All of these positive fan and rapper interactions aren't about music though. Some are just funny back-and-forth moments. On Twitter, a user referred to Big Sean as "the luckiest mofo" in response to a picture of his girlfriend, Jhene Aiko. Hilariously, Sean responded with "She lucky too" and a laughing emoji. In a discussion about giving fans money so they can go to college, a Twitter user told Lil Uzi Vert he'd drop out and run off with the money. Funny enough, Uzi agreed with the sentiment and said he'd do the same thing.

Check out the gallery below for some cool fan interactions on Twitter that prove tweeting your favorite rapper can go right.

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