Relationship Goals: Fellas This Is How You Hype Up Your Wife

My wife and I have been married for 5 years. If it's one thing I've almost mastered, it's how to hype up my wife!

Dance trends are all over the internet. The In my feelings challenge, the mannequin challenge and more recently the Go Crazy challenge. I said from day one I'd never do this challenge. Listeners even heard me say it on the air that "You won't catch me dancing outside of a moving car on the internet."

After all of that talk, my wife got me to participate in the challenge. I know I know, pretty women always know how to get their way. I participated in the best way I knew how. I let her dance, and I was her hypeman!

It might sound like I'm being cocky, but I did a hell of a job. If it's one thing I know how to do, it's hype up my wife. We had so much fun doing this and none of the things in that video were planned. I had no idea what I was going to say until the music dropped. Lol! The way she blushed before she started dancing showed just how much I caught her off guard.

When we first discovered we were expecting a baby last year, one of her biggest fears was postpartum. The worry about body changes, and of course postpartum depression. I can't stress enough how real that is for parents.

We shot this video shortly after our son turned 9 months old. This was a major benchmark because my wife has been handling motherhood so well up to this point and I really felt like she should be celebrated. This was her moment and I wanted to encourage her to shine as bright as she could! 9 months postpartum and you're looking and feeling that good? YOU GO GIRL!

Fellas, I encourage you all to hype up your partners as much as possible, especially the moms. they give so much to ensure the baby is well taken care of and sometimes they don't' have enough energy to fully care for themselves. they deserve all the recognition and praise we can give them!

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