Stillman College Launches The JCH Memorial Dance Scholarship 

Stillman College is doing their part to keep the memory of Jada Harris alive. They've recently launched a scholarship in her name.

As we were closing out the year 2020, the Stillman Golden Perfection Dancers did something amazing. They dropped a video on social media creating a challenge like no other. They started a #MoveLkeJadaChallenge in honor of their fallen member Jada Harris.


With the challenge, they also announced a scholarship. The details on the new memorial scholarship have officially been released! Freshmen are encouraged to follow 5 simple steps, Apply, register, Audition, receive announcement, commit.

The Jada Harris Memorial Dance Scholarship is now live and has a link to download the application. According to a post on Stillman Golden Perfection's Instagram page, to be a scholarship recipient students must:

  1. Be an Incoming Freshman
  2. Have a minimum 2.5 GPA
  3. Must complete the Stillman College Admissions Application, 2021-2022 FAFSA Application &  2021 GoldenPerfection Audition Registration for dance auditions.
  4. Must upload challenge video to Instagram using the #MoveLikeJadaChallenge on Instagram.
  5. Must register, audition, & commit to the Stillman Golden Perfection
  6. Complete the essay portion of the application


I think this is a beautiful way to keep Jada's memory alive. I knew the scholarship was coming soon, but to see it come to fruition is different. After such a tragic event, seeing members of the community, students at the school, and her fellow band members remember celebrate her life is a sight to see. It's even more special for the Stillman Golden Perfection to create a challenge and scholarship in her honor.

If you or someone you know would like to apply for the Jada Harris Memorial Dance Scholarship, click here. 


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