Stillman Golden Perfection Starts The #MoveLikeJadaChallenge

This is such a beautiful gesture from Golden Perfection of Stillman College. It's official, the #MoveLikeJadaChallenge has begun!

As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across the Stillman Golden Perfection page. The still shot for the video preview had the words "#LongLiveJada" and that's all I needed to see. After watching the video, I read the caption and was moved by the sentiment. They started a #MoveLkeJadaChallenge in honor of their fallen member Jada Harris.

The Stillman College Golden Perfection posted the video with the caption "In honor of Drunk Driving & Drug Awareness Month, we have a #MoveLikeJadaChallenge. We are pleased to announce a Jada Christine Harris Freshman Dance Scholarship!! ✨🕊" Not only a challenge in Jada's honor but a scholarship as well? This is beautiful!

Although I didn't know Jada personally, all I heard was great things about her. I also found out she was the first captain of the Stillman College Golden Perfection and of course, she always killed it!

As a former HBCU marching band member, I understand how hard the passing of a family member hits the whole band. In the HBCU band culture, the people in the band are a legit family. I've even had to deal with the passing of fellow band members while in college. In my freshman, sophomore, and junior year we had marching band members pass away and it never got easier to say goodbye.

We made sure that every dance routine, every drill, and every practice, we carried the name of our fallen family members.

To the Stillman College family, I want you to know that I feel your pain. Although I didn't know Jada personally, I can see how much she meant to the school and the band program. As you learn to keep going through life, never forget all of the laughs, good times, and memories you've shared with your fallen family member. #LongLiveJada

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