This may be the oddest picture I've ever seen taken in Alabama. HOW was this even possible?

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As I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across this post of what I can guess are two parents who are transporting a swing set. The only thing is, this huge swingset was being transported ON TOP of a 4-door compact car. Talk about dedication.

True southern Accent, Facebook
True southern Accent, Facebook

It's said that these pictures were taken in Alabama. Many have speculated that it's been in Mobile or Tennessee. According to the post,  the photos were in Huntsville, Alabama.

After originally being amazed that they even pulled this off, I felt proud of them. Assuming their parents, I know that parents will do ANYTHING necessary for their kids.

Even if it means doing something like this to get that swing set home.

I've only been a father for two years and I already know how deep a parent's sacrifices go for their kids. Imagine your kids wanted a swing set for months.

You've saved the money to buy it or you got a recent influx of money and decided to buy that swing set for the kids.

Now with money being tight, you can't afford to rent a vehicle just to get it home so what do you do? MAKE IT WORK!

I love this for them. I'm sure the kids who saw the swing set were happy as ever and they were proud of what they did to make it work and get it home.

To the couple in the picture, just know that I applaud your efforts. This is brave and innovative. Keep making sacrifices for your kids. They'll appreciate it. You can click here to see more of the pictures.

If you have a story of you or someone you know doing something above and beyond for the sake of kids, let me know at DreDay@1051Theblock.Com.

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