I think we all know by now that the internet is a wild place, you never know what videos you'll find.

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Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, who knows what kind of madness you'll encounter while surfing the web?

It seems like the craziest things are found when you're mindlessly scrolling the internet, and that's exactly what happened to me. I just happen to open Facebook and saw this video of the wildest thing ever.

What I saw was something I never even thought was possible.

Have you ever seen two deer fight each other??

In my mind, when deer fight each other, they would just hit each other kinda as ram would do.

Well, recently I see my first video of deer fighting and it was nothing like I thought it would be.

The deer were standing up on their hind legs and fighting each other as if they were boxing.

It wasn't just for a few seconds. It was close to a minute. They were really going at it I don't know why but I was so entertained by this video.

I'm wondering what went down that made the deer have to leave their original habitat and go fight on somebody's front lawn on the two hind legs?

It seems like more than just humans like to watch animals fight.

Did you catch the dog watching the action in the back?

Have you ever seen wild animals do the craziest thing did you catch it on camera? If so, let me know.

Send it to me at DreDay@TownsquareMedia.com.

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