We all know the phrase, mantra, or two words that are synonymous with Alabama. People all around that nation know us for it, but what do they think it means?

In the Yellowhammer State, you will hear people say "Roll Tide!" in almost any situation. When someone gets a promotion, ending a work call, saying hey to a stranger, and of course, after a Crimson Tide victory!

When I first moved to Alabama, I had no idea what it meant. If I'm being completely honest, I still don't know but I know when and how to use it correctly. After almost three years in the state, I've at least mastered the art of know when's the right time to give a big "Roll Tide!"

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Those who don't live in Alabama, or who aren't Bama fans really have no idea what it means. Whenever I'm talking to my friends back home in Florida, they are consistently confused when trying to understand its meaning. It's hilarious to try and hear them guess.

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Another hilarious thing is what I found on Urban Dictionary. After searching the definition of "Roll Tide," I found some pretty hilarious and straight-up disrespectful definitions. Check them out.

Ridiculous Definitions for "Roll Tide" Found on Urban Dictionary

Let's face it, at least six times a year someone asks an Alabama fan "What does Roll Tide even mean?" It's kind of funny to her people create their own definitions. These Urban Dictionary definitions may be the worse by far.

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