This Alabama Houseboat Airbnb Is Sure To Be A Unique Experience

If you're looking for a unique experience this summer, this may be your chance. You can enjoy the views on this Alabama houseboat.
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I have to admit, I didn't even know houseboats were a thing. I happened to see someone refurnishing a houseboat on Netflix. I thought to myself, "There has to be one of these somewhere in Alabama." After a few minutes of searching, I hit the jackpot! Say hello to Huntsville's glamping houseboat.
This one-bedroom houseboat could be a great summer getaway for a couple. You could enjoy the views, fishing, and other activities while on the water.

Alabama's Glamping Houseboat


I love how honest and straightforward the host Jason is about the houseboat. In the Airbnb description, he was sure to highlight that the houseboat isn't a "Ritz" experience. It's described as "minimal and very basic." The host doesn't provide linens, food, or water. It's a real deal camping experience.

Have you ever been camping??? You know how when you go camping and you need to use the bathroom, you walk to the bathhouse in the campground. This place is exactly like that. Think of it as a primitive floating campsite and you won’t be let down! If you are not OK with that then this place is simply not for you.
This is definitely a place I'd try out with my wife for a summer vacation. Leave the baby with the family and have a nice glamping trip in a houseboat.
If you'd like to book or learn more about this Airbnb, click here.

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