It seems like every day, I'm reminded how much I still have to learn about Alabama. this week's lesson has been slang.

Before living in Alabama, I've only ever lived in Florida. Although Florida is my home state, through traveling, I learned that we have our own slang. Back home in Florida, we say things like:


"You sleep"






I could take the time to go over all of the meaning of these terms but we'll save that for another day. I'm sure that a lot of those words are a completely foreign language to you. That's exactly how I feel when I speak to people from Alabama and they constantly use this phrase.

I know when you say it, you mean no harm and probably don't even notice you're saying it. It's almost like this phrase is as second nature as saying "Roll Tide."

So here's the scenario. I'm speaking with one of my friends who has lived in Tuscaloosa for quite some time. We were talking about an event I attended a few weeks back. I'm like an expert-level storyteller so I'm really laying it on thick about this event.

I described the decorations, the people and how they were dressed, the vibe of the room, and even the moonlight. I could tell he was so intrigued and wanted to know more. The only thing I never gave him was the location. Instead of asking for the location, he said "Wherebout?"

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Huh?! What does that even mean? Who came up with that and how did it become so common. After a few more conversations with other natives and hearing how easily it flowed out of their mouths, I could tell this is just a term Alabamians use a lot.

As a native Floridian, I can tell you that this is very odd and at first became annoying to me. Now, I just let it go because I know if we were back at home, Alabamians would be looking at me crazy with all of my Florida slang. Lol!

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