As much as I love radio, I love science. It is so fascinating to me. The road to becoming a scientist, I’m sure, is not easy. It includes lots of dedication and hard work.

Cell Mentor is “a new online resource from Cell Press and Cell Signaling Technology which empowers early-career researchers with career insights, publishing advice, and techniques on experimental processes and procedures.”

I found it very interesting that Cell Mentor released their 1,000 Inspiring Black Scientist List at the end of 2020. I was excited to find out that eighteen of those slots belonged to amazing Alabamians. They believe that “now is the time to acknowledge each other, our talents, our accomplishments, and reclaim the knowledge that could have been lost.”

The scientists honored from Alabama were from Alabama A&M University, Alabama State University, Auburn University, Tuskegee University, the University of Alabama at Birmingham, and University of Alabama, Huntsville.

Here are the 18 Alabamians that made the 1,000 inspiring black scientist list from Cell Mentor:

Maigen Bethea, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Pamela N. Brady, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Legand Burge, PhD - Tuskegee University

Shuntele N. Burns, PhD - Alabama State University

Roosevelt Calbert, PhD - Alabama State University

Michelle Gray, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Walter A. Hill, PhD - Tuskegee University

Jeanette Jones, PhD - Alabama A&M University

Farah Lubin, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Audrey Napier, PhD - Alabama State University

Foluso (Joy) Ogunsile, MD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Akinyemi I. Ojesina, MD, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jennie Patrick, PhD - Tuskegee University

Sharifa Love-Rutledge, PhD - University of Alabama, Huntsville

Ninecia Scott, PhD - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Jakita O. Thomas PhD - Auburn University

Kristen Allen Watts, PhD, MPH - University of Alabama at Birmingham

Clayton Yates, PhD - Tuskegee University

Way to go! We are proud of your accomplishments.

(Source) Click here to learn more about Cell Mentor. To view the Cell Mentor list, click here.

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