The City of Tuscaloosa requires face masks to be worn in public places now through Wednesday, August 5th. That means you need to wear a mask that covers both your face and mouth when you're at restaurants, grocery stores, in an Uber, or any other public space.

Wondering where you can get a face mask of your own? I've purchased several masks from Target, and you're just a Google search away from an endless amount of sites that are selling face coverings. Did you know there are other places you can purchase your face coverings?

I have three suggestions that may surprise you.

1. University of Alabama Printing Services

UA's Print Services is now offering custom face masks. You could put basically any design on your mask, so I am wondering if I could get a mask that's just a picture of Coach Saban when he's really mad--either that or an opossum's snout.

2. The Left Hand Soap Company

Soapy Jones and her incredible crew have been selling cloth face masks as a fundraiser for the West Alabama Food Bank. Make a donation; get a kickass face mask. How cool is that? Also: they've raised over $2,000 to date!

3. Gas Station

Hear me out on this one: gas stations have come through for me in the clutch. I have been out a few times and forgotten to pack my mask, and I have been able to purchase a pack of disposable masks for a decent price. The Pilot station I frequent also sells hand sanitizer, so I am GOOD.

Where are you buying your face coverings? Any places I should check out? Hit me up and let me know.

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