As you know, classic Hip-Hop makes me happy. In my opinion, the 90s was the best decade for Hip-Hop. Period.

The 80s was the golden age of hip-hop, but the 90s took it to the next level. Some would argue that the 90s was the best decade for music in general. I think it’s due to the diversity of the music in the 90s.

90s hip-hop had so many different regions. East Coast, Bounce, West Coast, Boom Bap, Down South, Gangsta Rap, (the 80s & 90s) Miami Bass, Conscious Rap, and emerging in the late 90s, Crunk.

I grew up on Miami Bass, Synth-Pop, Latin-Pop, Dance, Hip-Hop, Breakdancing, and the evolution of the Quiet Storm. God, I love the Quiet Storm.

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My love runs deep for hip-hop which started by listening to WEDR, known as Starforce 99. I would take my boombox, sit it in the window sill, and have tin foil on the antenna so I could pick up the Miami, Florida radio stations. They would play the best hip-hop. Then I came home from college in the summer of 1990, and it was 99 JAMZ. We could get it loud and clear in Pompano. No more tin foil on the antenna for me.

Why do I love classic 90s hip-hop? It was raw and expressive. It’s exactly what we needed during that decade and, truthfully, that we still need now.

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