So right now I'm in the parenting stage where my infant is starting to smile regularly and I'm already thinking of toys that my son would enjoy. I couldn't help but also think of the toys I enjoyed during my childhood! Even though we have a few years before Nuppy can play with these, I came up with a list of toys from my childhood that Nuppy will definitely have because they're just THAT cool!

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Fingerboard Skateboard

Since I wasn't an actual skater, this toy allowed me to live out my skater dreams. I was even able to change the wheels on them and all!



This is self-explanatory. It's Play-Doh!! What kid doesn't like Play-Doh?!

Toss & Catch (Hook & Loop)  Paddle Game Set 

I remember working on my hand, eye coordination with this toy in my backyard. My brothers, friends and parents would play with me and this toy for hours!

Little Tikes T-Ball Set

This one is a curveball. Pun intended. I never had this toy but always wanted it! I'd see my friends with this and would kind of get jealous of them. Nuppy will have this toy! LOL!

Classic Etch A Sketch 

This is not up for debate. My son will have this toy and we will share playing time on this toy because I STILL love this toy! lol

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