This summer, parents in Tuscaloosa county can feed their families for free. The Tuscaloosa County Child Nutrition Program announced their summer feeding locations.

Curbside pickups will continue this summer in Tuscaloosa with the Tuscaloosa County Child Nutrition Program. Families can grab meal kits that include 7 days worth of breakfast and lunches per child 18 years or younger. The feeding schedule will begin Monday, June 7, 2021, at the four Tuscaloosa high schools.


We are excited to announce our Curbside pickup Summer Feeding locations and schedule.

Each meal...

Posted by Tuscaloosa County Child Nutrition Program on Tuesday, June 1, 2021

There are some changes in this year's program. Last year there were locations at Hillcrest High and Sipsey Valley Middle. This year, those locations are not on the list and parents are sounding off about there just being four locations. Donette Worthy, Director of Child Nutrition for TCSS, wasted no time responding to community concerns.

She took to Facebook live to quickly address feedback on the major change of just having four locations. "Employees are only 9 months contract employees," She said, "Summertime is outside of their contract days, I can’t make them work during the summertime during their non-contract days."

Worthy also stated that it's not because they don't like those locations or people, it's strictly about the lack of employees for the location. She also stated that they have team members who are flat-out tired. They haven't stopped working in over 12 months. They need time to rejuvenate, and I get it. We all need time off.

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Worthy also mentioned that there are limits on the available meals and a change in feeding times. Feeding will only be two hours this year as opposed to three hours last year. Also, the Northside & Holt locations will have a limit of 150 kids. The Tuscaloosa County & Brookwood locations will have a limit of 300 kids.


For more information on the Tuscaloosa County Child Nutrition Program, visit their Facebook page. 


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