For parents with children who are involved in extracurricular activities, social distancing has probably been made even more difficult as you witness your child's anxiety in being unable to do what he or she loves.

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, preparations are being made for summer camps, sporting events, and other activities while maintaining personal health and safety.

The Tuscaloosa Tumbling Tides gym sent an email to parents:

Dear Parents,

First of all, we hope and pray all of you are in good health, safe, and remaining optimistic!  The health and well-being of all of our students, staff, and families continues to be our number one priority. We are working hard to prepare the gym for reopening when it is safe, and we are permitted to open.


Due to Federal, State, and Local mandates, we are not able to give an exact date for reopening; however, we are optimistically hoping for the beginning of June.

Due to the impact of COVID-19, we recognize there will be many new procedures required to conform to the social distancing guidelines set by our Governor and Mayor.  Closer to time of reopening we will send information concerning those guidelines.

We can certainly anticipate there will be a maximum number of people that will be allowed in our facility at any given time in order to conform to the social distancing requirements.  This number will include students, coaches, parents, and staff.  For this reason, we will have to limit the number of spectators and class size will be limited.

In order to be able to determine if we need to alter our summer schedule to meet this maximum number, we need to know how many students are planning on participating in the summer classes.

Please go to the website,, look at the summer schedule, and email us with a day, time, and class that you want your student registered for. Please list first, second, and third choice.  If all of your class choices are already full, we will contact you by phone.  Please include the best phone number for us to reach you.  No monthly fees will be charged until we are able to open.

Thank you for your support of our program!  We are looking forward to getting back into the gym!


Coach Lu Ann

Those interested in signing students up for summer classes should do so immediately.  That way, when it has been cleared for classes to resume, your place is secured.

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