Two teenagers were charged with capital murder Friday in connection with the Wednesday night killing of Christopher Fountain at Woodlawn Manor in Tuscaloosa.

Lt. Jack Kennedy, the assistant commander of the Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit, said the suspects attempted to rob Fountain and when he resisted, they shot him several times.

Investigators have found reason to charge 16-year-old Javaris Delshon Hughes and 17-year-old Yqwain Malik Hawkins in the killing.

Kennedy said although suspects both are under the age of 18, they have already been charged with violent crimes in the past and will be charged as adults with capital murder.

They will be held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail without bond, and if convicted, there are only two outcomes for the teens -- life in prison without parole or the death penalty.

Kennedy also stressed that there was no connection between Fountain and the men accused of killing him -- he said their motive was robbery and Fountain was an innocent victim.

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