Many students leave home to attend the University of Alabama. This particular student from New Jersey moved to Alabama and completely changed. Now people are worried.

A Tik Tok video has gone viral with a University of Alabama student from New Jersey describing her experience since being in Tuscaloosa. The video has 2 million views and counting. There are over 350 thousand likes and over 4 thousand comments.

The video was uploaded by Tik Tok user Shelbygates123. The video opens with the words "What happened to me after I went to University of Alabama from NJ."

The student then shows a series of pictures detailing every change that was made in her life that seemingly happened due to her living in Tuscaloosa. Bleaching my hair to the point it's white, wearing cowboy hats, having an absurd amount of red and white dresses, joining a sorority, and actually liking football were just some of the things noted in the viral Tik Tok video.


I didn't see anything wrong with the video at all. I was actually happy for the student. College is a period in life where many find themselves and have some of the most fun in their life. In the video, it seems she met a lot of people she could call her friend as well.

From experience, college friends often become lifelong friends.

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The comments under the video shocked me. People were often concerned, leaving comments like "Is this a cry for help."

Other comments posted read, "Praying for you sis" and "Well get you some help."

Is it me? What is so bad about the video? I get that not everyone will agree with the things she like but why be so upset about it?

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