Urban Dictionary Defines Tuscaloosa & It's Pretty Disrespectful

What words would you use to define Tuscaloosa? Urban Dictionary defined Tuscaloosa and it's pretty wild.

Have you ever tried to define Tuscaloosa? I recently had the idea to see how Urban Dictionary defined Tuscaloosa and the definitions shocked me. I know what Urban Dictionary is for so I don't go looking for "scholarly" definitions.

There were 6 total definitions for Tuscaloosa listed on Urban Dictionary. Check them out and see if you can relate to any of the definitions.

Definition 1

Tuscaloosa is a medium-sized drinking city with a football problem.

Definition 2

Medium sized town in Alabama known for their college football team the Crimson Tide. Lots of fine females and redneck highschoolers.

Definition 3

Also know as T-Town it's home of the University of Alabama. Its a hell of a place to party, have fun, go to school, watch and play football,and its also a great community. Lots of people hate on it because they are lame and one night their mother was passing through and got knocked up but we wont talk about that

Definition 4

A small redneck community in Alabama - near Mississippino less.

Definition 5

Redneck Craphole USA. Probably the most backward town on earth and home to the world's largest high school. Students love to holler, "rrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwww tah. ROW!"

Definition 6

Biggest prison yard in the USA

Out of all six of those definitions, I'd say that the person for definition 3 had a great college career in Tuscaloosa. The people who created definitions 6 and 5 probably don't live here anymore and they don't want to come back. Lol.

Which definition could you relate to the most?

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