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Here are the top 5 items consumer watchdogs suggest we NOT buy at Walmart. The reasons not to buy vary from price to quality.

1- Don’t Buy Peanut Butter:

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It's not the taste that’s the problem. It’s the price. Walmart sells peanut butter at a higher price than other stores. The difference isn't huge but will add up over a period of time.

2-Don't Buy Meat:


Would you really be comfortable buying ribeye steak at Walmart?
Quality meat should be bought at the butchers, or grocery store, and not more than 50% off. The price is very suspicious.

3- Don’t Buy Nuts and Seeds:


Nuts and seeds are not priced fairly in Walmart. You’ll pay more than you do in other stores.

4- Don’t Buy Batteries:

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Better to buy batteries at Costco. Research proves they carry brands that are better quality and last longer.

5- Don’t Buy Fish:


Consumers frequently complain about the quality of fish purchased at Walmart.


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